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Wealth is more than money

Welcome to Nia Wealth

The finance company for people who don’t like finance. We help you manage your financial wellbeing, and demystify the world of finance.

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Wealth is more than the money in your bank account. Nia helps to navigate the challenges both life and money throw your way so you can spend time on building wealth in other areas of your life.


Our expertise

We specialise in helping people handle their finances whilst going through changes in their lives. Whether it’s an emotional challenge and an exciting new start, our goal is to guide you through and set you up for the future you want.


Inheriting money can present complex financial issues at an emotional time. We aim to help explain the facts and manage your financial situation.


We help you get on top of your new financial situation and support you through every step.

We assist in Form E completion and how to get on top of your finances post your divorce settlement and plan for your future.

Career change

Moving career or taking a career break can be exciting but it can also impact your finances. By Coaching you through this we  help you prepare for changes and minimise stress.


We help you get on top of your finances and manage your cash-flow given your income can be variable. Control over your income can help reduce stress and help you focus on your priorities.


We help you work take the stress about money of your plate and focus on looking after your loved one.

Health Check

We often avoid the realities of our financial situation for many reasons. We guide you so you can achieve your goals.

Getting Married

We work with both you and your partner to work out what is important to you and set you up for your new life together.


Have another query related to your finances, we will happily help. Just get in touch.

We empower you to take control of your finances by working in a clear and transparent way.  Using no jargon we look to understand your unique situation and provide you the tailored services you require.


Always here to help you.

Understanding you and your needs are core to our business and we work with each client to navigate their personal situation.

We bring together all aspects of finance under one umbrella. We offer a fresh take and an empathetic approach, understanding that often you are dealing with us at an emotional or busy time.

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Financial Admin

Managing your money can be time consuming and confusing. We help you through the paperwork and planning.

Budgeting & Planning

We’ll work together to figure out your short and long term goals, then plan the optimum way for you to achieve them.

Investment Advice

We help you build the right portfolio to meet your goals. We answer all your questions along the way without the jargon.

Support & Education

We support you through the challenges life throws up. We offer clear information and a supporting ear and answer your questions.

We believe having control over your finances and financial wellbeing can help lower stress and empower you to achieve both your long and short term goals and ultimately financial freedom.


Why choose Nia?

Financial Wellbeing

We help you take the complexity and stress out of dealing with your finances.

Peace of mind

We help you get financial stability and plan for the future so you can focus on what matters most in your life. 


We help you deal with the stress money can bring and understand the emotions provoked.

Having control over your finances and financial wellbeing can help lower stress and empower you to achieve your long and short term goals and ultimately financial freedom.


It's not about us It's about you.

We help you stay on top of your finances.

Gain control over your finances and unburden yourself of the stress and anxiety they can bring. Empowering yourself to take steps towards your goals and gain financial security. Financial freedom for you and your family, allowing you to focus on what is important to you.

Our expertise

We have over a decade of experience within financial services and use this experience to help you navigate the complexities and challenges both life and money throw your way. Understanding an individual and their needs is core to our business and we work with each client to navigate their unique situation.

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Tailored and transparent

We pride ourselves in always offering absolutely everything we can to help you.

We build bespoke pricing depending on the complexity or level of support you need but we do offer some fixed priced packages.  Below are some of our basic packages. If you are interested in pricing please reach out and we will talk you through your options.


Newly Weds Package


  • Assessment of Financial Health
  • Goal Setting
  • Couples session on your relationship to money
  • Detailed plan to achieve goals
  • ‘How to’ guide


6 Week Programme


  • Review of Finances
  • Goal Setting
  • Plan to achieve goals
  • Financial Security
  • Budgeting
  • Next steps




  • Building your bespoke plan
  • 2 meetings in person meetings a year
  • Access to online support to answer questions
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Giving you financial Wellbeing

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    Frequently asked questions

    Call, email or fill out the form below. We will arrange short call to understand your requirements and arrange our first meeting.

    We work in 3 main ways. 

    1. Do you have clear goals and purpose for reaching out – We have some fixed cost packages you can see some above, but we lso build bespoke packages. 
    2. Unsure how much help you may require and want a bit of flexibility – We have charge hourly which depends on what services you require
    3. Do you need ongoing support or need to be help accountable – Subscription – We will charge monthly but you will get flexible usage of how you interact with us. We will check in with you on a regular basis and offer access to events and be the first to access new offerings.

    We work in and around Greater London. If you are further afield we could discuss a remote way of working.

    This is up to you. We have a number of spaces we can work from if you require privacy or if you are based in Greater London we can come to your house or another place you feel comfortable.

    We will discuss our introductory call but in general we ask you to bring anything you think is relevant to give us a good idea of your financial situation. We may send you a form to help us get a better idea of this.


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