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Money talks with Jade Rose

Money Talks – Money and Investing with Jade Rose

In this episode of ‘ Money talks’ I talk with Jade Rose, a financial advisor. Jade isn’t your usual dry IFA, but has energy and insight. Jade and I talk about how many people are excluded from the financial world and the male dominated culture.

Money Talks – Career Change

I talk with George Aliferis the founder of Orama TV. We discuss the differences between running your own company, working in the creative field vs Finance. We discuss challenges in not having a stable income and how career change can effect your money mindset. If

Money and Budgeting in a time of uncertainty

Can budgeting help through this period? It is a challenging time for the world and many people are not only stuck at home but also have had incomes cut or disappear. Many freelancers and self-employed have found themselves with all their income drying up in

The Emotional Connection – Happiness and Spending

Our relationship with money often starts from a young age. Often determined by our upbringing, if we have it or not and we create habits early. The link to our value “We are continuously bombarded with the idea that spending and consumption make us more

Grow your savings

Saving 101

We all know we should save something, putting a little aside each month/ after every pay cheque, but it is easier said than done. There is always something you would rather spend your money on which gives you satisfaction straight away.  My personal downfall is